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For a colleague's birthday we ordered her a bouquet of balloons and then later decided to order a bouquet flowers. Two separate orders to both be delivered the next day on her birthday.

Day of, I received a confirmation of delivery when we had yet to receive anything, so I called them and they said that the florists weren't answering the phone, so they couldn't say why I haven't received my order yet or why it said it had already been delivered when it wasn't. While on the phone waiting for the answer on the first order, I asked her to check the second order, to which she said that they hadn't even started working on it and it was almost 3pm that day and we close at 5pm. So there was no way that they would have got it here by that time. I asked if they did refunds and what their policy was on that and the rep.

asked to put me on hold, when she came back she said ok I have cancelled your order for you!! I never asked her to do that, I simply asked what their policy was on it before she put me on hold. So I asked to speak with a manager and she pretty much said that same thing the rep. said and that I had to wait until 5pm and if then the order wasn't delivered to call them back!

So now I sit here after placing two separate orders and I have nothing but am charged $150 for something I never received. I highly recommend that you DO NOT order from them, as they don't have any customer service and don't deliver what you order!

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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